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Windshield Replacement

Expert Windshield Replacement

Cracked windshield? Windshield Pros of Tahoe specializes in windshield replacements. We stock replacement windshields for popular cars right here in our shop, allowing us to offer affordable prices and timely service. If we don't have your windshield in stock, we can usually get it delivered from Sacramento overnight for next-day service.

Our windshield replacement technicians are certified by the National Glass Association and committed to your complete satisfaction. We follow all factory specifications and all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, ensuring that your replacement windshield installed exactly as it should be.

Because windshields play an integral role in your car's crashworthiness, it's vital that the appropriate adhesives are used and allowed to "cure" sufficiently. Due to safety concerns and the amount of time traditional adhesives take to cure before a car is safe to drive, especially in cold weather, we use a fast-cure adhesive system.

Windshield Pros of Tahoe has agreements with all major auto insurance carriers and can bill your insurance directly. Contact us today to schedule your windshield replacement.

Windshield Repair

Tempered Auto Glass

Affordable Rock Chip Repair

Small rock chips in a windshield are often repairable. In general, if the chip is smaller than the size of a quarter and not in your immediate field of vision, it's a good candidate for a windshield repair. Your insurance company may even waive the deductible if you opt to repair it rather than replace it.

The windshield repair process takes about 20 minutes to complete and can be done in our shop or on a mobile basis. Because the top layer of glass is broken, the chip could spread if not repaired. We drill into the chip, apply a vacuum device to the windshield, and inject a clear resin into the crack. This resin hardens, stabilizing the chip so that the crack cannot spread further.

Windshield repair results vary. You may notice a slight blemish afterward. In general, the sooner the chip is repaired, the better the results will be as there's less time for debris to accumulate inside the cracks. Be aware that there is a risk that the repair process itself could lead to breakage. When this happens, we waive the repair fee and recommend a windshield replacement.

Contact us to schedule Tahoe windshield repair service.

Car Window Replacement

In addition to replacing windshields in the greater Lake Tahoe area, we also replace broken:

  • Door glass
  • Vent glass
  • Quarter glass
  • Back glass
  • Sliders
  • Sunroofs
  • Mirrors

Understanding the urgency of securing your car from the elements, our office gets to work immediately to help you file insurance claim, order replacement glass parts, and schedule the next available appointment. We also stock some of the more common parts.

Call our office ASAP to start the auto glass replacement process.

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