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1. A rock hit my windshield and there's an ugly chip in front of the passenger seat. Can you repair it?

We can definitely attempt a windshield repair, hopefully saving you from having to replace it as a result. In fact, we take a "repair first" approach to windshield replacements. If a windshield looks like its a good candidate for a repair, we'll attempt the repair first. If the results are satisfactory, great!

If not, then we'll recommend a replacement. Keep in mind that the repair process doesn't necessarily make the ugly chip disappear. Dirt and debris can get into the cracks, making a cosmetic repair virtually impossible. We recommend immediate repairs for best results.


2. I live in Truckee. Can I drop my car off at your South Lake Tahoe shop and pick it up a few days later?

Absolutely. We also make runs into Truckee on certain days, so mobile service may also be an option. Call our office to arrange either in-shop or mobile auto glass service.


3. Is it better to schedule a windshield replacement at your shop or at my house in South Lake Tahoe?

It depends on your preference. If you'd like a firm appointment time, scheduling an in-shop replacement may be best. On the other hand, if you'll he home all day and don't mind allowing us a window of time, our mobile service is extremely convenient with the same high quality results.


4. Do you replace windshields in the winter?

While snow makes mobile service more challenging, our shop is open all year. Because cold weather adversely affects how long adhesives take to cure, we use fast-cure adhesives to ensure that your car is safe to drive upon completion.


5. Can you bill my insurance company for my windshield replacement?

Yes. We belong to all of the major billing networks and have pricing agreements with all of the major insurance carriers.


6. Where do you get replacement windshields and auto glass?

We order our replacement auto glass parts from PGW Auto Glass in Sacramento. If we don't have your windshield in stock, we can usually get it overnight.

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